Harvest Centre Graduation 2007

On Wednesday (Nov 14), we were invited for Harvest’s 2007 graduation. It was a wonderful night.When we walked in, there was a hall of full of about 40 tables.  Parents and children especially the Burmese took more than half the room.  The hall was well decorated and the ambience – it was simply pleasant and amazing.

The event started at 6.30pm with a short video presentation of Harvest.  Then some speeches and on to performances by the children.  They are so adorable.  You could view some of their photos at therighteye.wordpress.com.  I invited a few friends over to the event and Reza, took many wonderful photos esp. the children.   Danniel, another friend, is already committed to give his time to the youth.  Reza, is committed to do a photo shoot for the children and published into a book for sale as a fund raising project.  Aren’t they great?

Seeing them on stage makes my heart filled with love and joy.  Seeing them grow, seeing them moving forward…ahh…just simply fulfilling.  It is telling me that the effort to support them is not put to waste.  The precession that is created…wow…

Sitting there, I looked back at when I started to support Harvest.  Its been 2 and half years already.  It all started with a charity dinner to raise funds for them, then a movie charity event, helping get an IT expert, helping them set up the Imagine – sponsor a child program, getting contacts for them to setup credit card facilities, tutoring, getting funding, and this year, another movie project.  Its been amazing for me.  I thanked my Creator for giving me this opportunity to support them and add value to the children.

When they invited me to the stage to give achievements awards to the toddlers, seeing those little eyes, little bodies, coming up on stage with a HUGE SMILE…my heart just melt…its worth it.

I look forward to do more for them.  I look forward to bringing them to greater heights, bringing the program to the world.

I believe it will support many underpriviliged children in poverty and help them break from the bondage of poverty.

I congratule the team at Harvest Centre, Petrina and her team.  They are the people who made it work.  They are the ones everyday in the battle field doing the real work.  I salute them!

I hope that you will join me in this quest.  Email me if you are interested and for more information about Harvest, please visit www.harvestcentre.org