Instructor Training Program with Kerry Zurier

Another great experience of my life.  Having the opportunity to learn from Kerry, our Lead Instructor for ITP.  I wished the program would have lasted more than 3 days.  Kerry has given me clarity to why certain things are done in a certain way in Money&You.  Through the process I learnt so much about myself.

I guess life is a journey of discovery ourselves again.  Somehow, as we all grow up, we lose ourselves in the process.  I have always wanted to learn how to create games and this ITP, the universe answered my prayer.  Kerry guided us and we had the opportunity to create games with our teams.

Having trained under Kerry is also so different.  Seeing her being the 1st female instructor inspires me and gives me the motivation to be a Money&You instructor.  It’s like she has open the path for others and one of them is me.  I too feel a sense of closeness with her.  I guess maybe its a female thing.

ITP – Im lookin forward to the next one and cant wait to continue with my growth…