Experiencing Team Synergy @ BSE

Just completed BSE on Sunday.  BSE is an 8 days program for those who wants to learn more about being an entrepreneurs.  The last 8 days have been an amazing time for me.

I’ve learnt so much and just experiencing real team synergy and learning how much I have inside me really amazes me.  Everyday we will have to run and swim to prepare ourselves for a final Olympic event on the last day.  I had a great breakthroughs especially at The Releasing session (www.ireleasenow.com for more info) and the Olympic event.

At the business school, we were divided into two teams, the marketing team and the running team.

My team won the marketing event.  We created a product called StainGone (a stain remover product) and created many different ways to advertise our products.  We did t-shirts and hats.  We had our logos on the flooring.  We had banners on the wall.  We did a video for “TV” advertising and even did a couple of “radio” ads.  Our team was just so synergized.  We worked so well and that is how we have won the whole marketing exercise.  My team was showered with RM8000++ – CASH….it was simply awesome to be showered with CASH!!!  I could still remember the JOY we felt…

As for my running team, I have learnt so much about myself.  Our team created this little song to motivate ourselves when we run every morning.

Sheba, Sheba, Who is She?

Sheba, Sheba, She Likes to Pee

Inside Outside All Around

Sheba, Sheba, Never Let You Down

Sheba is my new found friend’s (Dr. Letitia Wright – www.wrightplacetv.com) dog.  Well, at the Olympic event, our team didnt win, however, for me, its the journey that counts.  How as a team, we stood by each other and supported each other to complete the race together.  Much that I can say about this event but I would rather have you experience it for yourself…

Well that’s all I wanna share for now.  Until then…

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