True Self

I have been learning a lot about knowing my True Self (some call it Authentic Self, The Real Person Within You, Inner Child, etc). Whatever it is called, it’s the same – its the True Person within You…who you are from the day you were brought into this world. The Person Inside You who is happy and excited and destined to be great in life.

Along the way, we all got corrupted with negative messages and got “huge” bashing from people around us that we now have a distorted or fictional* Self. We were given negative programming or even programming with information which may not be Truth but we accepted as Truth, which now becomes our beliefs and govern the way we make decision, interact with people, response or react to people, our attitude and behaviours and finally, our current position in life.

Many of us do not take the time for ourselves to think through whether our certain thoughts, behaviours, beliefs – whether they are actually Truth.

We all want LOVE and we are all LOVING creatures, but why sometimes, we meet certain people (including ourselves at times) who refused Love. This is because of our distorted view of things that we have allowed to corrupt our beliefs and understanding of Love.

Today, I ask that you take at least 15 minutes off every morning, just reflect, are you really happy? Are you the True You or you just projecting the You for others to accept you or because it is expected of you? If you are not happy, please take time out to listen to your True Self who is desperately reaching to you, wanting to tell you how to be the REAL you.

I know what I wrote may sound a little confusing at the moment. But take time to reflect, and you may find the Truth!