Meeting Oprah

I was ecstatic when I found out I was going to meet Oprah in person backstage – yes VIP meet and greet.

It all happened within 6 hours from me not being aware that she is coming to Ottawa (yes it is rather odd that I wasn’t aware – although this sounds like a justification – I have been busy travelling and wasn’t paying attention to what was going in Canada)… to getting a VIP ticket to meet her in person! In person!

It is my dream come true!

Many of friends know about this. I have spoken about this for years.

I still remember when I created my vision board, I had Oprah on it and I had me being interviewed by her and of course, having a talk show like her! However when she decided to stop her show, I thought that was it! I lost my chance of meeting her in person. Little did I know the Universe is so gracious to give me this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, how did it happen?

Well on March 18, I had a call with Lisa Larter, social media consultant at 11am EST. The call was to finalize some details of her proposal and to hire Lisa as our social media consultant for Ferret Card Inc.

We started off the conversation really well, you know, sharing about how trip was and I told Lisa that my voice is a little nasally because I have a cold from my Last Vegas trip and I had just met John of God. Lisa, who knew who John of God was (as you would have read in my previous blog) got excited about me meeting john of God and we started sharing about him and shared with each other how we learnt about John of God. I then told Lisa, that Oprah interviewed John of God and it just aired last Sunday. She might wanna go to Oprah’s site and looked at the videos like I did.

And interestingly, she then told me she will and she also informed me that she will be meeting Oprah in April and she has VIP backstage pass. Suddenly I got all excited and said that “Oh I wanna see Oprah too – I am going to manifest for a ticket”…

And little did I know, Lisa then told me – interesting you said that…because I have 2 extra front row seats tickets to see Oprah – would you like them? If you could have seen me – my eyes were liked popping out because I was so excited and immediately said YES! Ill take them both. Lisa then went on to share about the event she and her friend, Samantha is organizing celebrating Oprah vising Ottawa and asked if Ferret Card was interested to get the last booth. Once again, I just said YES!

We then went on to discuss the proposal and sealed the deal!

Meanwhile Lisa connected me with Samantha who is organizing the event. Samantha and Lisa then wrote to me and checked with me if I am interested to get a VIP ticket!   Without any hesitation, I said YES!

Samantha did say no promises but she will try to get the ticket!

And within I believe 2-3 hours later, she wrote me an email telling me that I AM GOING TO SEE OPRAH BACKSTAGE – VIP PASS!!!

I am sure you can imagine how excited I was!

So just that you know, I talked about it for like 2 full days to anyone I met…

Yes I wrote about it on my facebook, I told my dentist, my staffs, my friends, my children, and list goes on and on and on….

Thank YOU Universe for giving me this opportunity one of the most amazing, inspiring, successful and powerful woman in my lifetime!

Thank YOU Lisa and Samantha for being with me and creating this opportunity for me!