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Love The World Together

IS OUR JOURNEY HERE TO DISCOVER LOVE? We are born with pure heart and intention and then over time we grow up with pains and problems and over the adult years working to clear up these pains and wounds within us Is this our journey here? Marianne Williamson said A return to love Is that why […]

Meeting Oprah

I was ecstatic when I found out I was going to meet Oprah in person backstage – yes VIP meet and greet. It all happened within 6 hours from me not being aware that she is coming to Ottawa (yes it is rather odd that I wasn’t aware – although this sounds like a justification […]

Have You Ever Done One Thing In Your Life That Has Changed It Forever?

I am so excited that Money & You® program is finally here in Canada. I have been dreaming about the day that this marvellous program will be available to my fellow Canadians. The Money & You® program has transformed the lives of many great transformational leaders and business leaders whom I am grateful for and learned […]

True Self

I have been learning a lot about knowing my True Self (some call it Authentic Self, The Real Person Within You, Inner Child, etc). Whatever it is called, it’s the same – its the True Person within You…who you are from the day you were brought into this world. The Person Inside You who is happy […]