The Price of Not Having A Dream

Such a great title.  Without a DREAM, you wander aimlessly, then wonder what happened to your life. Many people go through lives this way.

I heard a story about a man, who at the age of 15, was a drug addict, smoker, and became an armed robbery and burglar. What was he thinking about, you may ask? Well, precisely…nothing. He was merely going through the motions of daily live without a purpose, without a DREAM.

Well, he was caught and jailed…but someone gave him a second chance. This person, his new teacher, had a DREAM for him…

At the age of 30, this same man was shot at a robbery.  He told his story and described how much blood he  has lost and so on.  He said the only he knew was that he would live, because he had a DREAM.

DREAMS are important to everyone of us. Without DREAMS, we are LIVING dead. Take a moment now and just pause. Think about YOUR life. What are you doing right now? Are you living your life or you are just living dead? Are you doing the things you are doing because everyone else is doing it? Or are you doing it because you enjoy it and you know the PURPOSE for it?

There is much more to life if you are willing to BELIEVE.

Napoleon Hill said ” What a mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

It is so true. Wa all have ideas and thoughts that how our lives should be. Then we think, nah… we must be content. And you know why we have such thoughts… because we LACK FAITH and we don’t BELIEVE!

Well enough for today… gotta go


This was copied over from my other blog. I think that it will be great to share with you what I experienced in December 2006.

We are now in Teenstreet, enjoying ourselves with the Teens (or should I say stressing ourselves, well actually enjoying cause we are having a break from everything and just playing and doing crazy fun stuff).

Ironically, we are learning about METAMORPHOSIS @ Teenstreet. Something which we have been talking so much about at ICAN lately.  Transformation (Change) from caterpillar to butterfly.

Here we are learning about CHOICES and CHANGE.  And to my surprise, I wrote my goals for ITP 3 weeks ago and in one section, I had to write down my two biggest learning experiences and I wrote about the importance of MAKING CHOICES and CHANGES.

It is so true that in life, it is about making RIGHT CHOICES.  Here we were told of two trees – Tree of Life and Tree of Death.

Often we are all tempted to do things which bring us to the Tree of Death.  Initially, the things we do maybe seem good but the root is bad.  But the most important thing is to know that when YOU KNOW it’s the WRONG CHOICE, Make the CHANGE and Move FORWARD.  Dont beat yourself up, ask for forgiveness from anyone you might have hurt along the way because of your WRONG CHOICE – RECONCILE and CHANGE.

Another thing we learnt here is about BEING and not DOING.  We are called HUMAN BEING not HUMAN DOING.  Isnt that so true?  But so many of us are just DOING and DOING and DOING and some even DOING without knowing why they are DOING what they are DOING.

We are called HUMAN BEING. So BE….

BE, DO and HAVE.  BE the person you are supposed to be (BELIEVE and ACT) and Do (Take Action) and you will HAVE.

I’ve also learnt this in Money & You and books that I have read.  Seems like this is what my Creator wants me to learn and impart to all of you.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Take Care