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Love The World Together


We are born with pure heart and intention and then over time we grow up with pains and problems and over the adult years working to clear up these pains and wounds within us
Is this our journey here?

Marianne Williamson said A return to love
Is that why we are here

A return to love
To discover that love is all that matters

Loving self
Loving others
Loving everything
Love is all there is

Because there is all there is to learn
We can have all the skills and knowledge and it doesn’t matter coz truly we will leave this world and all the wealth or even health that we have don’t carry over to our lives after

The only thing that carries over is our experience and lessons learned
and lessons to discover true love

I look at everyone on the plane right now and wonder why are they here
Why am I here
Why do I wanna contribute
Why do I exist
Why do I have a relationship with my partner?
Why do I have children? Are they for themselves or for me? Are they teaching me or I’m teaching them?

Is it that when I teach them to love I am teaching myself to love?
Coz when I react to them I am coming from my fear and pain and my wounds
As Eckhart calls it Pain Body

Why do pain body even exist?
Why do sickness even exist?
Is sickness teaching us to love ourselves and our body?

Mental sickness – why does it exist?
How can one with mental disease even comprehend love?
Can they? Yes they can feel the essence of love
They may not be able to demonstrate the way we want them to coz their comprehension is different

Our brain has been designed to want to survive thus we have the fight or flight pattern

Why do we want to survive?
Why do we want to exist?
Why do we want to leave a legacy?

Why are some of us stronger than others? 
Is it because we have more experience?

Bucky said his life is not his
His purpose is to add value

Is that our purpose ? To add value
Is our purpose to give and receive love?

Why do I want to exist?
My existence right now is driven by my children
My children drives my existence

Why do I want them to continue to exist?
For is it that they may experience love?
True love

Is that our journey here?

Even though I get that I am good enough
What is it about?
I am good enough therefore?

Landmark says life is meaningless
If life is meaningless why do we choose to exist?

Some of us choose to exist because it is our reptilian brain working
Some of choose not to exist because of the pain and wounds
Some of choose to stay on to exist because we overcame the pain to see the purpose

What is our purpose and journey here for?
To add value
Is that ultimately love?
Is it?

Love for mankind
Love for humanity

We all work hard so that we could get the necessity to survive and to exist
And then we realize we work to get things to make us happy
We earn to buy things to make us happy
We earn to get experience that make us happy
And why do we want to feel happy?
Because happy feels good?
Sadness and anger feels pain?

Is happiness thus experiencing love?
Sadness and anger thus experiencing fear?

When I feel happy and joy I feel grounded and present
When I feel grounded and present I feel peace and harmony
When I feel peace and harmony I feel love?

Is our existence here to discover love?
Is our existence here to experience love?

When we create wonderful memories with others we create wonderful experiences
Is it because we felt love at those moments?

Is connection love?
Is connection access to love?

Is our existence here to love?
If love is the only thing that matter
Love is what I choose

I choose to practice love when it’s difficult
I choose to practice love when it’s hard
I choose to practice love when it’s painful
I choose to practice love when I feel sad and anger and fear
I choose to practice love when I feel disconnected
I choose to practice love when I meet another human being
I choose to practice love when I meet hatred
I choose to practice love when I meet judgments
I choose to practice love when I feel hurt
I choose to practice love when I meet blame and shame
I choose to practice love when I meet excuses and justification
I choose to practice love above all else
I choose to practice love for myself
I choose to practice love for my spirit, soul, heart, emotion, body
I choose to practice love for living
I choose to practice love for money energy
I choose to practice love for other beings
I choose to practice love when at times I feel like giving up
I choose to practice love when I feel defeated
I choose to practice love for myself

Ultimately love is all there is
And it starts from me
Loving me wholly and completely

We call out to God the divine
Because we believe God the divine who is us
Will love us no matter what
Will give us anything we need no matter what
Because God loves us
Ultimately it is access to our own love and loving ourselves
Loving ourselves

Is this our journey here?

What about gratitude?
When we are grateful for things in our life
For experiences in our life
For people in our life
What does gratitude provide?
Access to love?
With gratitude we love?

Can love see us through?

When we forgive it is because we love therefore we forgive
We forgive and let go of the past
Because we love

Love comprehensibly
Love unconditionally

Is love our purpose here?

L – love
O – ourselves
V – verily
E – eternally

by Dr. Annie Lim


Meeting Oprah

I was ecstatic when I found out I was going to meet Oprah in person backstage – yes VIP meet and greet.

It all happened within 6 hours from me not being aware that she is coming to Ottawa (yes it is rather odd that I wasn’t aware – although this sounds like a justification – I have been busy travelling and wasn’t paying attention to what was going in Canada)… to getting a VIP ticket to meet her in person! In person!

It is my dream come true!

Many of friends know about this. I have spoken about this for years.

I still remember when I created my vision board, I had Oprah on it and I had me being interviewed by her and of course, having a talk show like her! However when she decided to stop her show, I thought that was it! I lost my chance of meeting her in person. Little did I know the Universe is so gracious to give me this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, how did it happen?

Well on March 18, I had a call with Lisa Larter, social media consultant at 11am EST. The call was to finalize some details of her proposal and to hire Lisa as our social media consultant for Ferret Card Inc.

We started off the conversation really well, you know, sharing about how trip was and I told Lisa that my voice is a little nasally because I have a cold from my Last Vegas trip and I had just met John of God. Lisa, who knew who John of God was (as you would have read in my previous blog) got excited about me meeting john of God and we started sharing about him and shared with each other how we learnt about John of God. I then told Lisa, that Oprah interviewed John of God and it just aired last Sunday. She might wanna go to Oprah’s site and looked at the videos like I did.

And interestingly, she then told me she will and she also informed me that she will be meeting Oprah in April and she has VIP backstage pass. Suddenly I got all excited and said that “Oh I wanna see Oprah too – I am going to manifest for a ticket”…

And little did I know, Lisa then told me – interesting you said that…because I have 2 extra front row seats tickets to see Oprah – would you like them? If you could have seen me – my eyes were liked popping out because I was so excited and immediately said YES! Ill take them both. Lisa then went on to share about the event she and her friend, Samantha is organizing celebrating Oprah vising Ottawa and asked if Ferret Card was interested to get the last booth. Once again, I just said YES!

We then went on to discuss the proposal and sealed the deal!

Meanwhile Lisa connected me with Samantha who is organizing the event. Samantha and Lisa then wrote to me and checked with me if I am interested to get a VIP ticket!   Without any hesitation, I said YES!

Samantha did say no promises but she will try to get the ticket!

And within I believe 2-3 hours later, she wrote me an email telling me that I AM GOING TO SEE OPRAH BACKSTAGE – VIP PASS!!!

I am sure you can imagine how excited I was!

So just that you know, I talked about it for like 2 full days to anyone I met…

Yes I wrote about it on my facebook, I told my dentist, my staffs, my friends, my children, and list goes on and on and on….

Thank YOU Universe for giving me this opportunity one of the most amazing, inspiring, successful and powerful woman in my lifetime!

Thank YOU Lisa and Samantha for being with me and creating this opportunity for me!




True Self

I have been learning a lot about knowing my True Self (some call it Authentic Self, The Real Person Within You, Inner Child, etc). Whatever it is called, it’s the same – its the True Person within You…who you are from the day you were brought into this world. The Person Inside You who is happy and excited and destined to be great in life.

Along the way, we all got corrupted with negative messages and got “huge” bashing from people around us that we now have a distorted or fictional* Self. We were given negative programming or even programming with information which may not be Truth but we accepted as Truth, which now becomes our beliefs and govern the way we make decision, interact with people, response or react to people, our attitude and behaviours and finally, our current position in life.

Many of us do not take the time for ourselves to think through whether our certain thoughts, behaviours, beliefs – whether they are actually Truth.

We all want LOVE and we are all LOVING creatures, but why sometimes, we meet certain people (including ourselves at times) who refused Love. This is because of our distorted view of things that we have allowed to corrupt our beliefs and understanding of Love.

Today, I ask that you take at least 15 minutes off every morning, just reflect, are you really happy? Are you the True You or you just projecting the You for others to accept you or because it is expected of you? If you are not happy, please take time out to listen to your True Self who is desperately reaching to you, wanting to tell you how to be the REAL you.

I know what I wrote may sound a little confusing at the moment. But take time to reflect, and you may find the Truth!

The Price of Not Having A Dream

Such a great title.  Without a DREAM, you wander aimlessly, then wonder what happened to your life. Many people go through lives this way.

I heard a story about a man, who at the age of 15, was a drug addict, smoker, and became an armed robbery and burglar. What was he thinking about, you may ask? Well, precisely…nothing. He was merely going through the motions of daily live without a purpose, without a DREAM.

Well, he was caught and jailed…but someone gave him a second chance. This person, his new teacher, had a DREAM for him…

At the age of 30, this same man was shot at a robbery.  He told his story and described how much blood he  has lost and so on.  He said the only he knew was that he would live, because he had a DREAM.

DREAMS are important to everyone of us. Without DREAMS, we are LIVING dead. Take a moment now and just pause. Think about YOUR life. What are you doing right now? Are you living your life or you are just living dead? Are you doing the things you are doing because everyone else is doing it? Or are you doing it because you enjoy it and you know the PURPOSE for it?

There is much more to life if you are willing to BELIEVE.

Napoleon Hill said ” What a mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

It is so true. Wa all have ideas and thoughts that how our lives should be. Then we think, nah… we must be content. And you know why we have such thoughts… because we LACK FAITH and we don’t BELIEVE!

Well enough for today… gotta go


This was copied over from my other blog. I think that it will be great to share with you what I experienced in December 2006.

We are now in Teenstreet, enjoying ourselves with the Teens (or should I say stressing ourselves, well actually enjoying cause we are having a break from everything and just playing and doing crazy fun stuff).

Ironically, we are learning about METAMORPHOSIS @ Teenstreet. Something which we have been talking so much about at ICAN lately.  Transformation (Change) from caterpillar to butterfly.

Here we are learning about CHOICES and CHANGE.  And to my surprise, I wrote my goals for ITP 3 weeks ago and in one section, I had to write down my two biggest learning experiences and I wrote about the importance of MAKING CHOICES and CHANGES.

It is so true that in life, it is about making RIGHT CHOICES.  Here we were told of two trees – Tree of Life and Tree of Death.

Often we are all tempted to do things which bring us to the Tree of Death.  Initially, the things we do maybe seem good but the root is bad.  But the most important thing is to know that when YOU KNOW it’s the WRONG CHOICE, Make the CHANGE and Move FORWARD.  Dont beat yourself up, ask for forgiveness from anyone you might have hurt along the way because of your WRONG CHOICE – RECONCILE and CHANGE.

Another thing we learnt here is about BEING and not DOING.  We are called HUMAN BEING not HUMAN DOING.  Isnt that so true?  But so many of us are just DOING and DOING and DOING and some even DOING without knowing why they are DOING what they are DOING.

We are called HUMAN BEING. So BE….

BE, DO and HAVE.  BE the person you are supposed to be (BELIEVE and ACT) and Do (Take Action) and you will HAVE.

I’ve also learnt this in Money & You and books that I have read.  Seems like this is what my Creator wants me to learn and impart to all of you.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Take Care

The Secret Behind “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction”

Since the movie – The Secret – came out, many of us are aware about the Law of Attraction and many of us are so excited about it.  How can we all attract what we want in our lives? How do we do it?

Books, Videos, Seminars, Programs kept appearing on the topic…..Soon after that…there were talks about THE SECRET BEHIND THE SECRET….what is The Secret behind The Secret? I guess before even goin there.  Let me ask you a question? Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Do you think it works? Let me share with you some of my very own experiences and all I can say is IT WORKS. Hmm…so many to share – where do I start?

Well, firstly most significant one is the T. Harv. Eker seminar in Singapore.  I wanted to attend his program so much as I learnt that he is a very successful personal development guru in North America right now.  The thing is this – The original dates for his program were on the same weekend as Money&You, and it is THE Money&You that I will be presenting.

So I was rather unhappy that I wont be able to attend Harv’s program.  What happen was I was chatting online with one of my closest friend – Jacy.  Jacy is the person coordinating Money&You in Malaysia and she was saying that she is calling around for the possibility of changing Money&You dates and hotel venue.  I told her, let’s not do that.  Let’s manifest and create that Harv’s program will change dates.  Within 2 weeks, we heard news from the Organizer that Harv’s program has moved to a week earlier.  Boy…we were excited about the change….Now, we can be at Harv’s program and I can be presenting at Money&You.

Annie and Harv Eker (Singapore)

So how did we do that? How did we manage to change the dates?  Now, in your mind, you might say – yea..just a coincidence…well, what about this story?

I wanted to meet up with Clinton Swaine as I heard so much about him from my Money&You friends.  I began sending out my intention of wanting to meet him.  A few days later, Jacy, yes, Jacy, called me and told me that Clinton will be in Singapore and she is planning to arrange for a small gathering for Clinton to meet some Money&You graduates and would I be interested to go?  Well, YES!

So what is the secret behind The Law of Attraction?  Besides knowing what you want in life and creating your visualization and vision boards (dream boards)…Its your emotions and most importantly, that you believe it will happen.  Its you flowing with the Universe.  It took me a while to get it right…right now, I can manifest things within minutes and seconds….

Well, of course, its not perfect yet however, its something that is working for me…

So…I would encourage you – get a copy of The Secret – watch it and start practicing…

Your dreams are closer than you think!