I am no saint nor I call myself a teacher. I call myself a spiritual leader because I realized over the years of deep healing work and personal growth, I came to learn that innately each one of us is born a leader and a spiritual being.  

I began to experience countless synchronicities and events that some might call miracles, events that our logical mind can’t begin to fathom nor grasp and understand.  

My journey has been colorful, filled with adventures and have brought me to realms I would never have dreamt of or ever imagined.

I have come to understand that each one of us came here to learn about ourselves and more specifically, in relation to what love is. 

Love is all there is 

Connect to Your Inner Knowing to Learn Your Deepest Truth

about me

For a long time, I saw myself as an entrepreneur and a transformational leader and coach.

I began my journey of self-discovery when things were tough in my relationship with my husband.  I realized I have lost myself after I got married and had kids.  I was so focused on them that I became codependent with my husband and was striving to be the best mom by sacrificing myself.

I remember days when I used to cry in the bathroom wondering why is my life this way? Why am I not happy in my relationship?  Why am I often exhausted, easily triggered, and feel dissatisfied with myself? Why am I “suffering”?

I began to work through healing my traumas and hurts and letting go of belief systems that don’t serve me.  One of them was a childhood trauma where I was sexually molested.  This very trauma robbed me of my self-worth and self-esteem for many years.  I felt shameful and dirty and thought I was broken as a person.  It affected me in so many areas of my life.  I thought I am incapable of having a relationship, having kids, and even being successful in life.

I am grateful that I was willing to work through these deep wounds, though not easy, it is necessary for us to truly experience inner peace, joy, and love.

my playgrounds

Many of my dreams became a reality.  I now know that it begins with us seeing the best in ourselves and taking full responsibility for our lives.  The key is to be willing to invest in ourselves and in what matters most to us.

In 2013, my connection to Spirit began to deepen. I began to have spiritual experiences that my old self would have called me crazy.  The unseen world opened up to me and my connection with Spiritual beings began to flourish.  My intuition developed even stronger which allowed me to support the people I worked with in so many ways.  Graduates of my program began to tell me how their connection to Spirit opened up after working with me and some have begun to explore their spirituality.  

Many have also come to me to ask for guidance and spiritual direction.  This wasn’t the path I thought I would be taking.  If you are wondering the same thing as I did, know that everything is okay and will be okay.  What is happening to you is you are having a stronger connection to your Higher Self.

In my journey of discovering myself, I have come to realize that what matters is to live from our hearts and to have wisdom in discerning what is for us.

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