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When I attended Rain’s program I was blown away by the incredible content and Rain’s amazing coaching abilities. I signed up for Money SEEDS and the Facilitator Development Program without hesitation and all the programs have changed my life.

Jaymee Tan, KL, Malaysia
Founder and Managing Director of Cheer Aspirations

Rain brings enormous wisdom, integrity, and insight to her work, which is truly transformational

Roz Savage, London, UK
4 Guinness World Records for ocean rowing

I have never met a more giving & caring person then Rain. She selflessly created several programs that lift and inspire. I wish everyone knew these principles as a child. Life is so much more positive with these tools…and I have learned it is NEVER to late to learn them.  We just keep getting better & better! The ongoing support is endless and so necessary. Thank you for this gift Rain. You have changed my life & thousands of others…and you have only just begun.

Cathy Levell, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

There is so much I want to share with those reading this about Rain. I believe she is a gift to so many because she is a source of wisdom that supports people to awaken their human greatness and find their true self. Rain does this with love and humility. She has an incredible talent for hearing and guiding you to see and understand your limiting beliefs and then supports you with a plan and coaching as you integrate the learnings and new practices.

Denise Deresti-Mann, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sales Professional, Mentor and Coach

Rain is truly a gift in this world that I am so grateful to have had the privilege to have met and share in the experiences of her work. Through her teachings and energy healing work she helps you to understand and accept who you are and your life experiences. She provides a safe and loving space to be open and vulnerable while guiding you to discover your hidden beliefs and emotions. Taking you on a journey to go deep within and experience what it really means to love and accept yourself. Creating shifts that empower you to lead your life with purpose and meaning while coming from a place of love and integrity. I am honored to be a student of a remarkably gifted and talented spirit of light and inspiration.

Bal Khosa, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Having participated in one of Rain’s SEEDS programs, I can truly attest to her abilities, insights and knowledge.  Through Rain’s extraordinary and powerful training, I was able to fully release all negative and destructive energy from my body and begin the process of regaining my power within me. Rain is highly intelligent, well educated, and adverse in multiple modalities of healing. Without hesitation, I highly recommend any of Rain’s programs.

Paul Van Ryssel, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Bed, Med.

Rain has a true gift and IS a true gift to this world. She is one of the most authentic people I’ve had the pleasure of learning from. Her vulnerability and authenticity truly gives others in the room the space and safety to do the same. I saw firsthand how Rain holds space for each person in the room during a group discussion, while teaching, and during a healing. She has a special gift of hearing when someone is sharing, but also seeing past what’s said on the surface in order to go deeper for a true transformation for every person she works with.
Personally, when I went through a deep healing facilitated by Rain I felt incredibly safe to go into the depths of what was a very difficult experience for me facing childhood pain & trauma that I had never felt comfortable facing before working with her. At one point during the healing, Rain intuitively helped me physically move the energy in my body in such a powerful way that I still feel the effects of it today. I am so grateful that I have been able to learn from Rain, the Seeds program she created, and to have broken through so much personal deep healing thanks to her program and her healing gifts.

Hannah Easter, Charlotte, USA
Hannah Johnson Coaching, LLC

Rain is like the rain which nurtures all the living things on Mother Earth nurturing us always. My experience with Rain, she is very loving to all the people around her regardless if you are her students or not. I can always feel her light in human being. Her authenticity warmed the souls. She is my role model of how to be self-love and able to contribute more and nourish the souls around her.

I am always having a hard time to trust people. Her consistent being of who she is makes me realise that there is still someone trustable in the world. She opens up a new world to me, I am now more connected to the universe compared to the old me. The old me always feel that people are doing things for their own hidden agenda. Learning with Rain, I feel safe and I am now able to be free to let go of my wings to the universe without worry.

Being with Rain, I feel I am supported for the growth in my human being journey for higher purpose. She is also an intuitive healer, healing at the needed moment with the needed tool(s).

Janey, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Entrepreneur, Trainer

The information Rain was able to tap into was such a joy, blessing and confirmation of my own inner feelings and experiences.  I truly feel that this is the next foray of Rain’s work in her ongoing quest of helping others on their journeys of self growth and love and for the growing number of those who seek deeper wisdom and knowledge on a soul level.

Alexa Bock, Toronto, ON, Canada

I met Rain in 2017 through a self development program SEEDS Leadership she was facilitating. I was inspired and excited by not only the information, guidance, support and healing she provided, but by her genuine and loving nature to really help bring a much needed light to the world. She is passionate and dedicated to her family, her work and all those that have taken her programs worldwide. I started out knowing her as a teacher and healer but now I am privileged and honored to call her my friend, coach and mentor. Rain brings so much love, light, laughter, joy and wisdom to all those that cross her path and I’m excited to be on my journey with the support and guidance of such an amazing leader. I highly encourage anyone who is looking to do personal development work, to work with Rain and experience your transformation and life shift for the better!

Pardeep, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sales Director

Working with Dr. Rain was a joy because of her approach. I am very skeptical of life coaches and I was impressed with her knowledge, ability and treatment style.”

Dr. Letitia Wright, United States
The Wright Place TV Show Host

She proved to be a solid, reliable, positive influence on my business and exposed me to business practices and ideas that have helped me expand my mental periphery and business outlook. It is my intention to continue learning from her both now and in the future as her extensive experience and professional values have served me well thus far.

Pat Anderson, South Africa
Presentation Skills Trainer and Public Speaking Coach

My journey with Rain has been so… (no words can emphasize) and ‘impactful’ in my life. I would describe her as an Asteroid of love and power, blasting through nonsense and creating something new. I could easily write a book about her and what she has done for my life. Let’s just say that I hope EVERYONE in this world gets to experience this beauty inside and out because if not, because if you don’t you definitely are missing out! Love and Respect, Vena.

Vena Osman, Australia
Corporate Creative Industries Entrepreneurial Life Coach
Image & Beauty Consultant

All I can say is that if we had more people in the world like Rain, there would be peace and more development in the world today. Rain gave me some of her precious time to get more knowledge, and experience and to meet other people and NGOs. This lady is a true inspiration. Thank you.

Vichetr Uon, Cambodia
Founder and Executive Director of Sao Sary Foundation

Thank you so much for coming to Ottawa and sharing your inspirational talk on Deservingness at Live Your Best Day – celebrating Oprah in Ottawa. As the event organizer, it was a pleasure to work with you and your team. The crowd loved your talk, your presence, and you connected with all of us on such a loving, human level. I look forward to working on many more inspirational events with you.

Samantha Moonsammy, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Founder, STARFISH creative events

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