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I am new in Sharing My Teachings on Social Media. What I have learned in the past few months is that I did not “BRING ALL OF ME” into the RainHeartWisdom show.

Learning from this, I am asking myself if there are any more areas I’m doing this and I thought I’ve been doing this well in many areas of my life and I know I have, yet there’s always room for growth. With RainHeartWisdom show, I realized I DID NOT bring all of me in each video because of how I segmented the days, playlist, show, and thus, SEGMENTED ME in the process. I am expressing myself 100% from now and make this NEW Spiritual youtube channel.  I ask you the same – is there anywhere in your life you are doing this? And how is it impacting you?

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When was the last time you say “I  Love You” to yourself?  The key  “How to overcome low self esteem and self worth” lies in Loving Yourself.

The thing is, we are not aware of all our subconscious beliefs because what we believe may be hidden (deep in our subconscious), in another word, no visible to us.

The key solution I shared in all my teachings and programs that have been proven for years and with thousands of participants… is to feel it.


Healing Videos and Teaching by Rain (for Full Playlist >> Click Here)


So, considering going from Corporate to Spiritual? Have you been getting signs, synchronicity, and experiences that you cannot explain? I have a Ph.D. in entrepreneurship and international published journals, I went from managing a company to being a Spiritual Leader.  My intention is to inspire you and to give you the confidence to go for it and trust your intuition.


Heal, unblock, realign, balance and activate each of your Chakra through toning them. I will guide you through each Chakras in TONING your Chakras With my sound bowl perfectly tuned at 528 Hz Love Frequency.


On this video, I am sharing with you the power of Conscious and Mindful breathing, how breathing consciously and mindfully is so important and powerful that it calms our anxiety. You can Heal Yourself by doing that, by breathing consciously and mindfully.

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