What Others Say

“When I first began my journey with product development I was led down the garden path many times. All that changed once I started working with Dr. Annie Lim. She is an active listener, understands our unique product needs, and is able to improvise in an organized manner with positive execution and measurable outcomes. Working with her is fun yet professional. She has a genuine interest in our objectives and most importantly, I trust her implicitly. I have personally taken away many valuable life lessons and I can’t thank Annie enough for her support in getting to where we are today!”

Cathy Levell
WalkEze Leash Inc.

“Working with Dr. Annie was a joy because of her approach. I am very skeptical of life coaches and I was impressed with her knowledge, ability and treatment style.”

Dr. Letitia Wright (United States)
The Wright Place TV Show Host

“Annie’s coaching has made a tremendous impact in every area of my life. At first, I was very skeptical and naturally picked the most challenging projects just to test her methods (sorry Annie!). To my surprise, she didn’t flinch at my audacious goals and even challenged me to stretch beyond my original intentions. I accepted the challenge, listened, did everything that was required and before the coaching duration was even over, I had achieved 80% of all my goals.

I highly recommend Annie to anyone who is serious about making real changes in their lives. I’ve read books, watched videos, attended seminars, etc. While enjoyable they never made a consistent impact or gave me the results that coaching did. Annie’s leadership strikes the perfect balance between strength and support which keeps me continually evolving everyday. ”

Bernard Chan (Toronto, Canada)
Vitev | Creative Director

“Annie Lim has the unique blend of power, love and intelligence. She has the capacity to make everything she touches into an opportunity for growth, clarity and connection. I highly recommend Annie for coaching and training.”

Annie Fitzgerald, PCC (United States – Seattle, Washington)

“Thank you so much for coming to Ottawa and sharing your inspirational talk on Deservingness at Live Your Best Day – celebrating Oprah in Ottawa. As the event organizer, it was a pleasure to work with you and your team. The crowd loved your talk, your presence, and you connected with all of us on such a loving, human level. I look forward to working on many more inspirational events with you.”

Samantha Moonsammy (Ottawa, Canada)
STARFISH creative events

“She proved to be a solid, reliable, positive influence on my business and exposed me to business practices and ideas that have helped me expand my mental periphery and business outlook. It is my intention to continue learning from her both now and in the future as her extensive experience and professional values have served me well thus far.”

Pat Anderson (South Africa)
Presentation Skills Trainer and Public Speaking Coach

“My journey with Annie has been so… (no words can emphasize) and ‘impactful’ in my life. I would describe her as an Asteroid of love and power, blasting through nonsense and creating something new. I could easily write a book about her and what she has done for my life. Let’s just say that I hope EVERYONE in this world gets to experience this beauty inside and out because if not, because if you don’t you definitely are missing out! Love and Respect, Vena.”

Vena Osman (Australia)
Corporate Creative Industries Entrepreneurial Life Coach
Image & Beauty Consultant

“Annie has the biggest and most compassionate heart on planet earth.  Of all these years I’ve known her, she’s always so willing to lend a helping hand to friends in need.  Annie is also an awesome listener who listens without judgments. She’s a walking love-machine who generates love wherever she goes – where there’s Annie, you can be assured ‘Love Is In the Air’!”

Adelene Bek (Malaysia, Singapore)
Business Owner
 Program Director for Money & You

“Annie is a person who loves to put great ideas/dreams into actions. After going through her programs and working together with her in some projects, I can truly feel her passion towards the work she does, and her compassion in creating better societies were really strong and sincere. Knowing her as a friend, I always felt her essence of love spreading towards her families and friends. As a mentor/coach, I am grateful and greatly appreciative that she had transformed my life. Thank you Annie for being who you are and believing in creating a greater life!”

Catherine Khoo (Malaysia)
Origin Of Wisdom
Partner, Program Director

“All I can say is that if we had more people in the world like Annie Lim, there would be peace and more development in the world today. Annie gave me some of her precious time to get more knowledge, and experience and to meet other people and NGOs. This lady is a true inspiration. Thank you.”

Vichetr Uon (Cambodia)
Founder and Executive Director of Sao Sary Foundation

“Thank you Annie for sharing your story, struggle and journey of deservingness. You inspire me.”


“Loving yourself was a common theme in your inspirational talk and its such an important lesson that I try to work on everyday. Thank you!”


“Soft spoken, yet full of impact! You touched us so much with your wisdom, stories and journey. We appreciated your talk on Deservingness so much.”


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